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The game will start with a settling animation and its graphics will mesmerize
you. The main objective of this game is to destroy the towers of your opponent
in a PvP battle. The battle will continue for a limited time. You have to stay
ahead of your opponent. You have to play both attacking and defending
strategy at the same time. Many things are happening simultaneously and you
have to cope up with it. You have to build a great start-up strategy that will
give you a head start against your opponent's strategy. The whole thing is
carried out in smooth gameplay. The more you focus on your troop's special
power the better you will move in the opponent's yard. Try to attack while
defending so that you can save the towers of your side. There’s one more thing
that is the most important part of this game. Remember to use Gears POP cheats first.
The most important thing is the energy bar. The energy bar is the key point of
this real-time strategy game. The better strategy in this character drop game is
to carefully look for the energy bar. The key point is to set your deck according
to their energy content. Each character that is present in the game has some
energy content. The energy rating of the character directly depends upon the
energy bar substitution. The energy bar will start filling when the game starts.
When you deploy a troop then the energy rating will be subtracted from the
energy bar. The energy bar will get automatically filled in the meantime. The
fill-up time of the energy bar will be slower in the first couple of minutes and
then it will increase gradually. You have to build a good strategy for the
effective use of troops concerning the energy bar.

Gears POP characters

Final Thoughts

The very first thing that attracts you to this game is its Funko POP characters.
The mix of Gears characters with Funko POP is quite amazing and it feels very
attractive throughout the gameplay. The more you play this game the better
you will get in understanding the strategies. Gears POP is quite good and
provides amazing playtime experience, but one thing to note is that it is very
close to the gameplay of Clash Royale. Clash Royale came and set a remarkable
record of downloads on the very first day. Almost 70 to 80 percent of people
liked this game and its gameplay. This is also the same case for Gears POP hack. It
was also possible due to its popular title siblings Gears of War.
Gears POP is very interactive with its user interface and it won’t feel sluggish.
The only thing that slows this game is its slow character speed. The game is
very enriching in its segment, but it can’t outmatch the feel and stage set by
Clash Royale. You will get an immersive experience with this game, but lastly,
you will love this game more for its characters rather than its gameplay.

Gears POP! gameplay